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Mid-South Sales is a supplier of high quality petroleum products in Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. MSS offers the highest quality fuels, lubricants, and industrial fluids, including gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, diesel exhaust fluid, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, slide & way lubricants, compressor oils, transmission fluids, engine oils, food grade lubricants and more. In addition to an extensive selection of petroleum products, MSS offers a large selection of equipment including tanks, tank packages, reels, meters, hoses, pumps, gauges, and much more. MSS also offers fluid reclamation and on-site service. With eight locations and an extensive fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles, Mid-South Sales has the ability to service a wide variety of industries in five different states. The industries that we supply with high quality petroleum products and equipment include, but are not limited to, farms and agriculture, trucking fleets, auto dealerships and service stations, construction companies, metalworking shops, factories, municipalities, school systems, and more.